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In addition to revitalizing the historic Msheireb neighborhood, bringing greater focus to Doha’s origins, this 31 hectare, $5.5 billion urban regeneration project is creating a new architectural language built upon traditional Qatari architectural principles, but applied in a modern context. As the public realm landscape, lighting, and signing consultant team, we were given the opportunity to define the qualities of what modern Qatari landscape architecture is.

With little to no urban precedents, this process involved extensive research into the indigenous ecology, plant communities, microclimatic constraints, and land forms, and using that research as a basis for developing an urban, public realm design language. Additionally, applying a predominantly native planting palette to a high-density master plan built entirely on-structure brought a host of technical constraints related to shading, infrastructural coordination, maintenance, and both pedestrian and vehicular movement.

I served as Burton Studio’s on-site liason throughout the first 3-ish years of design development, defending and coordinating our work with Msheireb Properties, the master planning team, and over twenty other consultancy firms. This role required the ability to balance between high level theoretical design discussions and nitty-gritty technical queries, and a certain measure of Deviant Tendencies.


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