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Writer, designer, and deviant, Ash Hoden’s work is a chronicle of international endeavors — having strayed through fifty countries since graduating with honors from Colorado State University’s accredited Landscape Architecture program. Now based in East Hampton, New York, the 39-year-old splits his time between his role as a residential landscape designer and Editor-in-Chief of Deviation: Positively going astray, a literary journal that tells an artist’s back story, shifting the focus from their work to their person. During a hiatus from urban design he resided in Berlin while conducting eighteen months of intense research for a planned third book preliminarily titled Represent. He then decamped to Southeast Asia where, over the course of seven months, he created the philsosophical roots of Deviation through the writing of his second book Myanmar ’n’ Me: Deviant Without a Cause in a (Former) Police State. Previously he was stationed in Qatar for three years while serving as a foreign correspondent for a California-based design studio; dolling-up to deliver client presentations and conduct workshops with top-tier architects, engineers, and project managers from across the globe. In the third grade he was severely punished for refusing to color within the lines, but that’s how it goes when you’re deviant by nature.

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